坂木陽子 ソプラノ
Yoko Sakaki, Soprano

2009年~2014年米国ニューヨークにて声楽を嶋田あや、Amy Burton各氏のもと研鑽。 現地老人ホーム、教会等で音楽ボランティア活動やリサイタルを行う。 帰国後はコンサートではアルテリーベ、オペラ喫茶、日本オペラ振興会コンサート、音楽ビアプラザ銀座ライオン、AHPスタジオかのん主催公演など多数出演。オペラでは2015年4月AHPオペラ「椿姫」ヴィオレッタ、荒川オペラシリーズ「椿姫」フローラのほか「ジャンニ・スキッキ」ネッラ、「ドン・ジョヴァンニ」ツェルリーナ、「ラ・ボエーム」ミミ、ムゼッタ、「ドン・パスクァーレ」ノリーナ、「修道女アンジェリカ」ジェノヴィエッファ、「友人フリッツ」スゼル、「リタ」リタ、「夢遊病の女」リーザ等で出演。また自主企画YKOPERA公演として2017年「愛の妙薬」アディーナ、2018年「蝶々夫人」東京&長崎公演にて蝶々さん、2019年「リゴレット」ジルダ、2021年「椿姫」ヴィオレッタを務めた。

2015年6月日本オペラ振興会 準団員オーデション合格
2017年6月日本オペラ振興会 正団会員オーディション合格

I graduated from Ferris University College of Music in Yokohama, Japan, majoring in voice. My teachers during college days include the late Tami Asakura and Chiaki Sakamoto for French singing. Between 2009 and 2014, I lived in New York and was trained by Ms. Aya Shimada and Ms. Amy Burton. I performed as soloist at local churches and senior centers in Westchester and Fairfield counties. After returning to Japan, I performed numerous concerts and operas. In April 2015, I played role of Violetta in La traviata by Verdi. In addition, I also performed in La Bohème by Puccini as Mimi, Rigoletto by Verdi as Gilda, and Don Pasquale by Donizetti as as Norina.  Some of the awards I received after returning to Japan include: the 32nd Oikawa Classical Music New Artist Award (December, 2014), 1st place and Chairman’s Award in the 17th Great Wall of China Cup International Music Competition (March, 2015), 1st place in the 12th annual Tokyo Voice Competition (March, 2015). Also, in March, 2015, I was accepted as an assistant member of the Fujiwara Opera, which is Japan’s professional opera company.

Soprano Singer